High Maintenance has extensive experience with all types of height safety equipment.
We design, install, inspect and certify:
  • abseil and fall arrest anchor systems
  • roof access systems utilising guardrails, platforms, hatches, access ladders and stairs
High Maintenance is an accredited Sayfa installer.


High Maintenance can utilise rope access methods to clean, prepare and paint facades for less, and in less time than traditional access methods.
We are experienced in application of:
  • elastomeric membrane paints for protection of concrete structures
  • elastomeric membrane paints in conjunction with non-woven fabrics for weatherproofing of sheeted facades
  • 2-pack acrylic polyurethanes for protection of steel in critical and marine environments
  • oil-based and other appropriate paints to heritage buildings


Successful repair of spalled concrete structures requires correct and thorough preparation of affected areas and adherence to methodologies as specified by reputable manufacturers of repair systems. High Maintenance has carried out such repairs to heritage buildings in the Melbourne CBD.
High Maintenance uses and recommends the BASF MasterEmaco range of repair products for structural and cosmetic repairs.


Preventing water ingress to Melbourne’s high rise buildings is a rapidly growing category of required repair. Older buildings require periodic caulk renewal to preserve envelope performance, newer ones may require removal and replacement of caulk that has failed due to poor initial application, chemical contamination of joint surfaces, or damage from water ingress at another location.
Successful renewal of caulking is dependent on thorough preparation of joint surfaces and strict adherence to manufacturers instructions, particularly in reference to joint construction and dimensions. High Maintenance understands these requirements and can provide the service you require. We have had extensive experience in leak chasing and joint replacement, and are happy to inspect your building to provide a quotation.


Utilising over 30 years of experience coupled with the latest technology and access methods, High Maintenance can achieve great results on your project no matter how challenging, on time and within budget.
We use the latest Pure Water filtration equipment or traditional washer and squeegee for a sparkling spot-free finish, whether access is by abseil, EWP or up to 24m. carbon fibre extension pole.